Testing 123

So...anyone here?

Seriously though. Does anyone use Blogger anymore?

I have recently discovered that I still have a blog out in cyberspace and I guess this is it. It's interesting that I never got too into blogging since I enjoy writing so much. I think back when I was super into Youtube I was so caught up in my image that I didn't even consider putting time and energy into a blog.

But at this point in my life I find it somewhat intriguing. Sometimes it feels therapeutic to just let all my thoughts out on "paper." Paper (haha). Do kids even write on paper anymore? Who knows.

Honestly, I feel this weird anxiety when thinking about starting a blog. Thoughts such as "okay if you start a blog you have to take high quality pictures, and write posts about products and DIYs." I really don't want to do any of that. I don't want to take pictures, I don't want to promote products. I just want to type about my feelings and that's it.

And I guess if nobody reads then who really cares? This blog has been dead for like 5-6 years, so who cares if it's just me reading?

But...if you're out there and happen to stumble across this entry, then say hello. Why not?



Unknown said…
I use Bloglovin for easier reading of posts from blogs I follow so your blog must have been on the list then since I made the switch seven or so years ago! So, hi!
Unknown said…
Hey Erin!! Wish you came back! You were my favorite youtuber. If you left because of youtube hate, you shouldn’t stop doing what you like because of others. Have fun! Enjoy what makes you happy! I wonder how your life is now! Being a mom sounds magical!
Big hugs!!