Monday, August 1, 2011


Today Jordan and I bought lime popsicles from Trader Joes :) YUM!
This is the dress that Fufa got me from Pull & Bear... in this video!

Anyways, today wasn't the greatest day because things/people were bugging me. Do you ever have those days where you're just annoyed by everything? For no reason? That was my day. But actually I just worked out and I feel better.
Plus, Bachelorette finale is on tonight!!!



Heidi said...

Cute dress! Love the print. :)

stephanie5288 said...

Team JP all the way!!!

Grace said...

The dress is so cute, and the popsicle looks delish!

Hope your the rest of your week gets better!

xx Grace

lovekristina said...

That lime popsickle sound so good! I love lime and I bet that's delicious.

I totally know what you mean about those days. The next day always seems to be better though, so hopefully it is for you, too!

Esther said...

I had the exact same feelings about today. Everything was just annoying at work, even though it probably wasn't different than any other day.

Al said...

i dont want to spoil it but so happy about the winner of the bachelorette
hope the end of your week goes better than it started!

cute outfit as usual!

Nath said...

This dress is so lovely!!

Forevernew888 said...

Hey Erin!! I just wanted to say that I've been watching your videos for years now, and I honestly think you are such an amazing, down to earth girl and I know if I met you in person, I would absolutely melt ahaha! Anyways, that dress is amazingly beautiful on you :)

Rebecca said...

sounds yummy!

Butterfly Dreaming said...

Hi all the way over from England...
Just checking your blog out as I like your youtube vids. I have just started a new blog and I recently wrote about ice lollies for the summer too :)

aly7 said...

Dress is so cute!

Erin, will you please check out my giveaway on my blog-

wafflegarden said...

pretty dress! and i love your yt videos

Maiju Anniina said...

You are so cute and adorable :)
You have tons of fans allover the world!

(one fan from Finland)