Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visting the parentals!

Hello! I'm at home visiting my parents =) It's nice! Honestly, I'm kinda tired right now...and I have to get up early to visit my grandma and aunt in Redding. My grandma is 96 years old and still going strong... Go Grandma!

Haha, anyways hope you're all doing well!



nataliee732 said...

that skirt is adorable!

Noky said...
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Noky said...

..sorry had to post again:

gosh I'm always amazed how long your hairs are now!!
I remember your older vids with much shorter hairs!
=) I like it

I*m also happy that my hairs after 3years of growing, finally come back close to my old length.

(hope you can understand my wierd english. love from Germany ^^)

Michelle said...

Your skirt is too cute!! :D

Emily said...

your skirt is lovely :)

Allie said...

Love the skirt!
xx Allie

sparkle2729 said...

your hair looks stunning! xx

Hayley said...

Your hair is amazing! Ahhh I cannot wait for my hair to to be that long.
You always look so put together I love it. And I also love your youtube channel by the way, that's what brought me here! If you have time, check out my blog! :)

Maria said...

you hair looks amazing, i love it :)
i love that skirt, it's soooo pretty! try to wear it with just a plain white tank top, i think it'd look better on you! you're really beautiful!

Al said...

cute outfit!
i am so jealous of your hair, it has grown out so much and looks so pretty!